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Roster Scoresheet

It would be very useful if gradecam had a roster print feature where teachers could bubble in scores for each student on multiple assignments and then scan the scores using a camera.


Basically, it would be a multi column printout generated by gradecam. The first column would the student name and ID info (for gradecam to be able to assign a score to a particular student automatically). The remaining columns would be blanks representing separate assignments where a teacher can write in a number value. Seeing as how gradecam can already read handwritten numbers written by students, if that same functionality could be extended to teacher grading, it would truly be a killer feature for teachers.

It would look something like a classic teacher gradebook, see image below:

Ricardo Gomez

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Hello Ricardo,

Thank you for your feedback.  Great minds think alike!! 

Aita has opened up many new scoring and form options for us to consider.  I don't have a time frame to share with you now, but stay tuned for custom forms!



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