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multiple test on one page

I want to be able to place 4 separate assessments answer sheets on one piece of paper (I think it will be a front and back situation)?  For example (practice test 1, , 2, 3, 4 are all set up separately and I want to reduce the amount of paper we will use to give the practice exam.)  Since I can't make different sections or renumber the answer sheet I had to set it up in 4 exams. 


Amy Meeron

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Hi Amy,

We do not suggest doing front/back. If the copied would be dark, the bubbles can show through and confuse GradeCam in seeing the wrong bubbles.

You are able to print multiple forms per page for Prac Test 1 for one class but not just for one student. You are not able to print all four tests per student.

When printing the forms, choose the roster you want to print and then check the box to print multiples per page.

Depending on the size of each test will determine how many per page. You can also print at smaller percentages (

I suggest print a few to test if you print at a smaller percentage. Older document cameras have lower resolution so may struggle with scanning smaller forms.

Let me know if you have any other questions.


Donna Fairhurst

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