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Very slow when scanning.


Our school has had Grade Cam for several years and we have never had issues with scanning in student tests until this year with the new Grade Cam Go upgrade.  It is taking forever for the computer to scan our tests.  We have tried with various devices (laptops, Ipads, and Iphones) and it keeps saying to check the lighting or can't read the document.  We love the program but have been very frustrated by it this year.  


This is the first year we have had problems.  



Evelyn Mayer

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Good afternoon, Evelyn,

I would like to help trouble shoot this issue with  you as I do not want you experiencing this frustration. We want you to be successful with GradeCam and happy scanners!  GradeCam Go! has been available for two years now - are you referring to some of the new features. If you are using rubric, rubric capture or gridded response style questions, these will take a few seconds longer to process.

A couple of questions:
1. Are you using older forms printed from past years?

2. Has the GradeCam plugin been updated recently on the computers at 

3.  Is this specific to one browser or have you tried multiple browsers as well?

4. Do the teachers find any difference in the scanning speed when scanning at home?

A screenshot from a teacher's account with a form that will not scan would be very helpful.

If the teacher could send a screenshot of the form that will not scan in a timely manner under the scan window, that would be helpful. Click on the camera icon to the right and then place a form under the camera. Take a screenshot of the whole computer screen.

Make sure the upper left corner of the form is visible.

Which assignment is this in your account?

Thank you,


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