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5 points for correct, 2 points for blank, 0 points for incorrect

 Hello.  GradeCam is indeed cool!   However,  I want to grade some of my math contest classes the way real math contests, especially the American Math Competitions (AMC), are graded.  That is in the multiple-choice problems, correct answers get 5 points, incorrect answers get 0 points and blank answers get 1.5 points.  Is there a way for me to do this?  Thanks.



Misael Fisico

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Hello, Misael.
You can score the an assignment using Partial Credit Point Value option. You can assign 5 points for the correct answer and 0 points for the incorrect answers. Unfortunately, at this time you can not add points to a question that is blank. We will forward this option to the development team for discussion.
Elizabeth Cors

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Hello again Bizzie,

I hope that your company can really incorporate this "minor" suggestion so math teacher who administer the American Math Competitions can use your software.  Otherwise, we have to use another Scanning Software.  :-) 

Here's the AMC rule from their website: "The AMC 12 is a 25 question, 75 minute multiple choice test. ... Correct answers are worth 6 points, incorrect answers are worth 0 points, and unanswered questions are worth 1.5 points, to give a total score out of 150 points.

Misael Fisico 0 votes

Hello, I have been asking for a similar feature for a long long time... what we really need is the ability to distinguish between an incorrect and a blank answer. In most tests incorrect answers must be graded differently from blank ones. I cannot find a way to do it in the current implementation. If I am wrong please correct me, otherwise can we please put in a formal request for this feature? I believe it is a minor change to the code.

Thank you, best regards.

Simone Sbaragli

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