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Multiple Assignments with one form

 I give projects where the student gets points for the project in 4-6 different assignments in the gradebook.  I would love to use the rubric feature when grading those projects because it takes a long time to total each section and record it.  Is there way way to do that? Right now it just looks like I would have to print and fill in a different form for each part of the project and then scan them individually.  This would take about the same amount of time as the way I have been doing the grading. 



Breanne Wymore

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Hi Breanne,

 You will be happy to know that coming in the fall we will have an observational form that you can use to score all parts of  your project for all students. 

Until then, would you be able to create a form and renumber each part - we can now renumber the questions. So 1-5 could be Part 1. Then renumber 6-10 as 1-5 again for Part 2 and so on.  I would be happy to talk this through with you if you would like. 

Let me know if I can help in any way,

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