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I cannot upgrade my gradecam through referrals

Hi there...

I already refer several teachers within our school but still I can not have the extension in using it for 60 days. 

How can I avail the said 60 days extension?

Please help me.



Ernelyn Librea

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Above picture will flash on the screen if I refer again using the same email address

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Good morning, Ernelyn,

Thank you for referring a colleague to use GradeCam. When using our referral opportunity to add free months of GradeCam, the users that are referred need to accept the Invite that is sent to them from your referral. You have one invite that is pending for approval to receive credit of GradeCam. The person you referred has not accepted the invite.Once they accept the invite and create an account with GradeCam, they will then need to create and assignment and scan. This is when you will be able to be approved for the free credit.

You can always update your account. The GradeCam Go! account for individual teachers is $15 per month. You can add the monthly payment to your account in Settings > Account Profile > Click Upgrade Plan to GradeCam Go! Plus. You will then enter your payment information. Your credit card will be billed monthly until you cancel.

Link to Individual Teacher GradeCam Go! Plus




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