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I am trying to use the student portal for administering schoolwide midterm assessments, and we first started by adminstering a practice 10-question quiz to all students via the student portal last week. This exercise went very well, and students especially liked the "View" button next to each question which helped them find the question in the PDF document. However, as I upload the different PDF versions of the actual midterm assessments into the student portal (each assessment is about 50 questions), the "View" button does not appear next to the answer choices. Has this happened to anyone before? Does anyone know the logic that is used to make the "View" buttons appear?

Thanks for your help!


Lily Harris Completed

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Good morning, Lily,

 I will have our support engineer look into the two original files you have sent. I will respond in the emails we have been corresponding with so that all information is in one place.


Donna Fairhurst
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