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Forms question - which is more efficient?

I am new to GradeCam - I have been printing individualized forms for students with their names already on them. But it occurs to me that if I print a generic, I can hand papers out more quickly (not individualized) and can photocopy their short answer question on the back. Does that work? What are the pros and cons in your experience?

Jennifer Welch

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Hi Jennifer,

It would all depend on your needs - by printing specific forms, you are able to scan multiple assignments at one time. If you would like to print the generic forms, this allows for easier copying. I would be careful printing things on the back as that can bleed through and cause scanning issues on the front. I would print a few practice forms first to see if they will scan without issues. Just know we do not encourage printing front and back.

Please let me know if you have any other questions.



Donna Fairhurst
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