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two forms same key

My school district requires a common assessment and they made two versions and for each version of the test they made a separate answer key.  Since the questions were exactly the same except the multiple choice correct answers were different for each of the two versions.

Thinking I was going to make this easier for myself I made one key with two versions.  Worked great and all my grades transferred into my gradebook.  However, my scans do not work when I try to scan them with the district's key.  Keys look the same but because I did not select "assignments with compatible keys" my scans are not being read for district data.  Anyway you can help?

thank you

Heidi Benson

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Hi Heidi,

 My apologies as I was just made aware that we are not receiving emails on the forum questions. I am sure that you have already done with this but for future reference, please see the response.

You are not able to use multiple version forms for a test that is not a multiple version assignment. I would have to see the forms, but if your forms have version bubbles on the form, you could try to bubble in Ver 1 and then scan for the district assignment - IF the form is a generic form. if you have the assignment name on the form you created, then that form will not work for the district assignment as GradeCam is looking for the assignment you created.

Again, I apologize for not getting right back on this.

Please let me know if you have any other questions.



Donna Fairhurst
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