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What to do next after an administrator has agreed to do the 30 min webinar with you

My administrator has agreed to do the 30 min webinar with me so I can earn a year of Grade Cam free. I have already sent them the email. What do I do next to get the webinar up and running? The administrator and I plan on meeting at 1:30 on Tuesday, January 29th.


Thank you,



Megan Cloutier

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Hi Megan,

Glad to help!  Awesome that your administrator has agreed to participate in the 30-minute webinar hosted by GradeCam to earn you a free year of the application.  The webinar will highlight the functionality of the application and discuss some of the advantages of a school license.  

To receive the free year, you and your administrator need to participate in a 30-minute webinar with someone from GradeCam.  You can send along a few dates and times that work for both of you and we will do our best to accommodate.  Please send that information along with your school name, state, and your administrators' name and email to  Once we have received your email, we will work to schedule the webinar.

Thank you and looking forward to hearing from you!



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