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I am an instructional coach for ELA. I need to be able to see individual teachers, classes, and combined grade reports. Our administrator is uncertain of how to set this up at the middle school. Could you please send directions so that I can give them to her to complete? 


Miller, Nancy
RTI Curriculum Specialist
J B McNabb Middle School/MCHS
Montgomery County, Kentucky 40353
Nancy Miller

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Good afternoon, Nancy,

Since your school has not purchased our School Reporting mode option which would allow for you to see all data for the school, the teachers will need to share any assignments with you that you will need to view the data.  If you are not the creator of the assignment, the data is not viewable to you unless the assignment is shared to you.

I see that many assignments have been shared with you. If you log into your account and go to Reports > Click on an assignment to open the data > change the filter from My Classes to Any Class, then you will be able to view the data to all shared assignments.



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