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Is there a way to add questions to an existing test?

There have been several occasions where I want to add just one or a few more questions to the end or to a section of a test.  When I hit "edit" you can't edit the number of questions.  Do I basically have to start all over and create a whole new assignment and answer key? 

Nicole Giacchi

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Hi, Nicole,

You can add a question to the existing assignment that you have created as long as you have not already scanned. If you have scanned, you will need to Clone the assignment first. You can also use the Move option to place the question in the correct place. The numbers on the assignment will automatically reorder. There are two parts to this. 

Step 1:

Click the Checkbox before the assignment, then Edit. 

Change the number of Questions to the new number that is needed. 

Tutorial Link: Edit an Assignment in GradeCam Go!

Step 2:

Now, click on the link for the Assignment. click on the new question added then you can Move the question up or down.

Tutorial Link: Edit the Questions on an Assignment in GradeCam Go!


Elizabeth Cors
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