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Where do students see their assignments?

I am trying to make a multiple choice quiz.  I see where I make the key and where to print off the form for it.  What I don't understand is where do the students see the questions and answer choices?  I know I sound dumb, but I'm new to this, plus I'm not very tech savvy.  Please help.  Thanks.

Ryan Burns

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Hi Ryan.

The students will be using their hard copy test to fill in their answers on the bubble sheet. You are creating the answer key only in GradeCam so the students will need to have a copy of the test for the questions or take the test online with our student portal (which is available with a school/district subscription).

After the students fill in their answers on the paper answer form, then you will scan that to grade.

You can view some videos here:
Support Tutorials:

Feel free to reach out with any questions to as well.


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