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Help for GradeCam go

Hi there, 


In a rush the last week I created a new assignment and printed the forms for a exam.  Then I realized I had not imported that class yet (or created it).  Once I created the class I have been unable to identify HOW to add that existing assignment to the class.  I am afraid to erase and recreate it as the students wrote the test and I want the scans to still work.

I have tried every "edit" setting I can find but I do not have had good  results. I hope your answer.


José Gabriel Ortega Palacios

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Hi Jose,

Can you share if you created generic forms where the students filled in their IDs since you did not have the roster in your account?

You would open the assignment and scan the student forms in that specific assignment.

If you could send a screenshot of the form to, that would be helpful:

Instructions: Click on the camera icon to the right or in the Scan window, place the form under the camera (click the double arrow icon in the camera window to enlarge the window). Take a screenshot of the entire computer screen. *Please make sure the upper left hand corner of the form is visible in the screenshot.*

Which assignment is the form for in your account?

Thank you,

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