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Switch Assignments without returning to Assignment Tab for faster scanning


It would be great if we could switch to the next or prior assignment in the assignment list without having to return to the assignment list. Either swiping right or left, or a left or right arrow.

When the end of the semester comes, students start turning in late work in a panic. I organize that work chronologically by assignment to minimize the number of times I need to switch assignments and for the fastest scanning.

If I want to scan an assignment from 50 assignments ago, then 49 assignments ago, and then 48 assignments ago, it would be much faster to have a "next assignment" button, rather than having to return to the assignment tab, and then having to either scroll or search for the assignment name each time.

Ryan Letcavage

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HI, Ryan,

Depending on how your forms are generated, the Form Identifier will automatically place the scanned form in the correct Assignment for that student. If you generate the forms using by selecting a specific Assignment, the student names can be pre-filled or ID bubbled in. This will allow the scans to be sent to the correct student for the correct Assignment.

Hope this helps save you time!





Elizabeth Cors
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