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Custom Standards have disappeared

Custom Standards that had previously been created (We think in 2015-16) and that were assigned to questions on previous assessments are not showing up to be connected to current assessments.  If we look at the keys to the old assessments, they are there, but don't populate in the list of custom standards to choose for new ones.  Any ideas on how to fix this so that we don't have to recreate all of the custom standards?

Christi Hack

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Hi Christi,

 When you say that they are not showing up on current assignments, were the assignments just created and custom standards were assigned or were they cloned from the old assignments and the standards didn't come over with the clone?

I do not see that any custom standards were deleted but I do know that some things were deleted because of a bad import.

If you can give me the specific assignment and custom standard that is not associated or missing, I will investigate this for you.


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