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Grade Cam Folders

I would love to see Grade Cam have a feature, where I can make folders on the main screen. I have four preps and share gradecam with teachers that teach the same class as me. It would be so nice to be able to have my pre-cal tests and quizzes in a pre-cal folder. Instead of having all tests and quizzes in a hodge podge on the main screen. Anyone else?

Kayla Smith

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Hi, Kayla,

We currently do not have Folders for organizing the Assignments list. Using Labels will allow you to create something similar to a tag.You can create and add labels to assignments then use filters to limit what you will view in the assignments window. Below are links with instructions for creating labels, adding a label to an assignment, and filtering for the labeled assignments.

Manage Labels in GradeCam Go!
Use Labels to Organize Assignments in GradeCam Go!

Kind Regards,


Elizabeth Cors
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