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    Bizzie Cors

    Hi Chadwick,

    Teachers can select the Multiple Question Assignment type, then Edit the questions that teachers would like students to write (on a paper form) or type (in Student Portal) using the 'Open Response' question type. The 'Open Response' question is graded by the teacher using a rubric which is done after the assignment is scanned/turned by the student.

    Let me know if this answers your question. 

    ~ Bizzie



  • Chadwick Robinson

    Yes! So when I'm creating a quiz/test/assignment in GradeCam, do I just select "Rubric" for when I want them to type an answer then grade it later once I make the rubric?

    And/or choose "Open Response" for when they can simply hand-write their response (ex: writing a balanced equation) and then they upload a picture of it with their cell phone?

    If those are truly the options, then I'm even more excited about GradeCam and I've been using it for 5 years already!

    Thanks for the speedy response!!

  • Bizzie Cors


    You will select the 'Open Response' is the question type that you will choose if you want to students to add anything to be graded later by the teacher. Open Response currently behaves differently in Student Portal and Forms.

    Student Portal - Open Response will only allow students to type the questions. (we will be adding soon the ability to draw, annotate in Open Response) Example of what the two question types look like in the Student Portal for the students.

    Forms - Students can draw and write in the designated area on the for Open Response. Example of what the two question types look like on the forms the students.

    There right now is not uploading an image... but coming soon.


    Thank you for using GradeCam, we love hearing from teachers and what they need to help guide us on how to improve.



  • Chadwick Robinson

    Is there a way I can upload a PDF file INTO GradeCam for them to view while seeing and being able to enter in the answers via "bubble sheet"? Or, do they just have to have access to my test as a separate file that they get from me however (ex: We use Google Classroom for all materials -- PDF of Test will be in there anyways...)

    Just wondering if GradeCam has the capability to open a PDF in its own viewer/online platform. Not a big if it can't, it just helps to know and for ease of convenience as a "1-stop shop" for students;0)

    Thanks Again!

  • Bizzie Cors


    You can attach a PDF to have students view in the Student Portal. In the KEYS window, the Attamnet button is in the menu bar. You can upload the PDF and select the checkbox to be viewed in the Student Portal. When you assign to the Student Portal you will determine the settings for attachment. 

    I have linked a video for you on using the Student Portal which includes how to manage attachments and also a video on how students will navigate the student portal. 

    GradeCam Student Portal: Teacher Quick Start

    GradeCam Student Portal: Student Quick Start

    Tutorial for adding an Attachment: Add an Attachment to an Assignment in GradeCam




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