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Camera no longer working Michael Chipman 27 comments 0 votes None
Why won't GradeCam scan? Rick Porter 24 comments 2 votes None
Please go back to the OLD version Paul Spinelli 19 comments 4 votes None
printer can't print exam reports bruce pontbriand 19 comments 0 votes None
Reports stuck in queue or storing... Brenda Zabel 17 comments 1 vote None
Form not generated RUBEN DEL VALLE 15 comments 0 votes Completed
Not Scanning - Says form is too short, but it isn't DANIEL MCLEAN 15 comments 0 votes None
Saying I need to install a plugin Charles Brownson 14 comments 1 vote None
Exam Report Issue Stacy Holcombe 13 comments 0 votes Completed
Printing Student Exam Reports Shaun Cooper 13 comments 0 votes None
Gradecam will only recognize my computer camera and not my document camera - - 13 comments -1 votes None
Is GradeCam Compatible with my GradeBook? Rick Porter 13 comments 0 votes None
Scan using PDF Nicole Giacchi 12 comments 0 votes None
Moving Students into a different class Lauren McVey 12 comments 0 votes Completed
Eport grades into skyward JASON KLEIN 12 comments 0 votes Answered
Specific students forms stuck on rendering Scott Benedict 11 comments 0 votes None
Archive Data not showing Michael Chipman 11 comments 0 votes None
GradeCam scanning is not supported on your system! Ashley Pavao 11 comments 0 votes None
Beeping when you scen Kay Coates 11 comments 0 votes None
How do you share an assignment with other teachers Alan Bates 11 comments 0 votes None
camera will not show up on gradecam Craig Sebring 11 comments 0 votes None
Not scanning forms Erin PInsince 11 comments 0 votes None
Will not scan tif files Mike Berry 11 comments 0 votes None
Multiple answers Jackie Coughlin 10 comments 0 votes Completed
Scanning then Red bar check internet connection Jeremy Costello 9 comments 0 votes None
Rubric with capture area/multiple versions Benjamin Morehead 9 comments 0 votes Completed
Orientation of answer key using Number Grid Kevin Simcox 9 comments 0 votes None
Hiding correct answer on a report in GradeCam GO! BRAD COLLINS 9 comments 0 votes None
What does "Alert: Error 2314: TypeError: Cannot read property 'length' of null" AND "ScannerPresenter: expected gradecam id." mean? Greg Mallie 9 comments 0 votes Answered
No student ID found Christy Miller 9 comments 0 votes None